It’s like writing a blank check to the charter school industry

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LAUSD Charter Check

WHO: Hundreds of students, parents, community members and UTLA educators

WHAT: Rally to Demand Charter Schools Pay Reimbursements to District

WHEN: Tuesday, June 14 at 1 PM, tug of war begins, followed by parent, educator and student speeches at 1:15. A presentation of the check to the school board will follow.

WHERE: LAUSD Headquarters, 333 S. Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles, 90017

VISUALS: An oversized check representing millions of dollars lost to district students over the years will be delivered to the LAUSD School Board; A rally will include a tug of war between students and billionaires fighting over funding. Parents, students, teachers and community members will demand the district collect reimbursements and other fees from Charter schools. 


Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of United Teachers Los Angeles: “The unregulated expansion of charter schools over the last 10 years – a 287% growth – has resulted in serious questions about LAUSD’s financial sustainability. For the sake of all students, LAUSD should be aggressively collecting reimbursements from charters that use district facilities – not cowering because of the bullying of the billionaire-funded California Charter Schools Association (CCSA).  We need CCSA to back off, and for LAUSD to collect space over-allocation reimbursements now. Otherwise, it’s like writing a blank check to the charter school industry.”