KMEX 34: Free Claudia Rueda Rally

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June 8, 2017 - Educators demand release of student seized by Border Patrol. Today, students, educators, and community activists will rally in front of Roosevelt High School to denounce the seizure of Roosevelt graduate Claudia Rueda and to demand her release from federal custody.
Claudia, an undocumented immigrant rights activist and Cal State Los Angeles student, was seized May 18 by Border Patrol agents while outside her family’s home in Boyle Heights and taken to a facility near San Diego. Claudia’s detention has raised accusations of retaliation because of her activism in support of her mother, who was arrested in April by immigration officials on drug charges that authorities later admitted were baseless. 
Speakers at Thursday’s rally will include Claudia’s former teachers at Roosevelt, one of her current professors from Cal State L.A., and student activists. Educators and students are calling for:

  • ICE San Diego Field Director Gregory J. Archambault to approve the prosecutorial discretion package submitted by Claudia Rueda’s attorney. Educators submitted letters of support for Claudia’s case and stand in solidarity with Claudia’s bond hearing on June 9 at the Otay Detention Center.
  • LA officials and the LA Sheriff’s department to stop collaborating with ICE and CBP (Customs and Border Protection) in Los Angeles County. Collaboration between law enforcement and immigration is not making our communities safer.
  • A stop to raids. A good education is not possible with immigration enforcement in our neighborhoods.  

Claudia, who graduated from the Math, Science & Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High, was a student in Mariana Ramirez’s Advanced Placement U.S. History class during the 2011-12 school year. 

“As Claudia’s former teacher, I know how tragic this is to her education and to the youth she serves through her leadership,” Ramirez said. “Claudia was one of my most exceptional students, achieving high scores and playing an exemplary role in mentoring the younger generations toward a college education. Her dedication to her community is exceptional, and I truly believe that her future contributions as a soon-to-be college graduate will greatly benefit our society and our world, if she is allowed to continue on her path.”
Claudia’s case underscores the pervasive threats to education poised by the immigration seizures happening across the country. UTLA will continue to work with parents and community groups to spread resources on immigrants’ rights and to stand united in the face of these unconscionable seizures, detentions, and deportations.

Above, UTLA Treasurer Arlene Inouye speaks to the community and media about the perils of ICE raids and to free Claudia Rueda.