New Website at a Glance

New Design, New Features

Over the last several months we have been working hard behind the scenes to build a new website that makes sense in navigation, design and functionality. And as we know, change is hard to grasp and can be frustrating at first when all you want to do is find that one thing you knew where was at. Well, our goal is to not frustrate you, but guide you through our new site and highlight some cool functional changes.

Oh yeah, and we needed to upgrade our site for security purposes and compatibility issues experienced with mobile devices on the old site.


Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer: IE 10 and above (manual update)
  • Firefox: Current version (auto-updates to the newest version)
  • Chrome: Current version (auto-updates to the newest version)
  • Safari: Current version (auto-updates to the newest version)



We have condensed some of the main menus from the old site and created new areas, such as modern photo slider and color scheme. We also incorporated articles that are fed from different content types from different sections of the website to create a matrix of a news section. We also created a campaign section to stay updated on important union campaigns and issues.

Main Navigation

  • UTLA Store — you can connect through the Shop link at the very top of the homepage.
  • UTLA Email Login — you can connect through the Email link at the very top of the homepage.
  • United Teacher Newspaper - you will find our current year of our award-winning newspaper as PDFs that you can download or just view online. Archives include 2015 and 2016. You can also view current submission deadlines and place a classified ad online at

    Note: If you are looking for an archive edition prior to 2015, please email the newspaper editor, Kim Turner, at or call 213.368.6252.


  • About Us — you will find everything from well, About Us to the new Staff Directory, Affiliates pages with its own events calendar, Officer bios, Board of Directors, employment with UTLA, Constitution and Bylaws as well as a new area section that includes a separate page for each area with its own calendar of events.
  • Members — you will find everything that involves what our members need to know, such as events, chapter chairs and active committee pages, member dues, legal services, discounts, membership application, contracts, UTLA elections and updating your membership information.
  • Parents & Community — you will find a special section dedicated for parents and community. We have included a signup form to get involved in community events. This also serves as a portal to stay connected as we continue to expand our community news and events.
  • News — you will find an assortment of union and community news articles that can be shared via social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, emailed or printed. Here is where all coverage of events, photos, videos, President's Perspective, press-releases or media coverage of events can be found. This section can also be searched by content types. 
  • Resources — you will find a new forms directory that includes important member forms and contracts that are listed by name. This can also be searched by name or content type. Here is where you will also find professional development information, retirement information (CALSTRS, retirement benefits, etc.), "Know Your Rights" series for dealing with school site issues, earning salary points and contacting LAUSD School Board members and legislation information.
  • Get Involved — you will learn more about our current campaigns and issues. Here you will also be able to share our current campaign via social media or signup to receive more information about what you would like to know about upcoming actions at school sites.



  • Find a School — you will find a searchable District school directory that includes locations code, UTLA area, school name, address, phone number and principal name. *Based on LAUSD school list as of July 2016 and is subject to change.
  • Media Library — you will media coverage from local news outlets, press-releases, video, photo and audio galleries, as well as press inquiries for UTLA member or Officer interview requests.
  • Unionized Charters — you will find out more on how we are organizing charter schools and how to contact our charter school organizers.
  • PACE — you will find out more about our political voice of the union, which is funded exclusively by members and how to contact our PACE organizing team.
  • Contact Us — you can directly contact us with member questions or concerns, or to report website issues.

Mobile Version

Our mobile version stacks our desktop version to fit the width and resolution of a cell phone. The only difference is the main menu navigation, including the UTLA email login and the UTLA Store. This can be accessed by tapping on the three blue bars located at the very top right-hand corner of the your phone screen.

Email Login — After tapping on the three blue bars on the top right-hand corner of your screen, located at the bottom of the menu is an envelope icon, tap on it and you will be prompted to your familiar login process as on the old website.

Store Shopping —  After tapping on the three blue bars on the top right-hand corner of your screen, located at the bottom of the menu is a t-shirt icon, tap on it and you will be connected to the store.

For more information or help with the website, contact the webmaster at

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