Parents & teachers demand LAUSD pass moratorium on new charter co-locations to protect health and safety

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Health and Safety First


On Thursday, May 7, parents, teachers and students from LAUSD public schools facing co-location will hold a socially-distanced protest at the LAUSD headquarters to demand that LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner and the LAUSD School Board enact a moratorium on new charter co-locations for the 2020-21 school year. The press conference will be followed by a car caravan protest to the houses of charter company board members, including an A-list celebrity.

A state law known as Prop. 39 allows charter companies to take so-called “unused” space from neighborhood public schools in a process called “co-location.” Co-location results in a charter school occupying rooms in a public school, and sharing libraries, cafeterias, bathrooms, hallways, and entrances with that public school.


Governor Newsom has stated that when schools re-open, they will have to practice social and physical distancing. Schools may be required to spread out classrooms, add extra lunch and recess periods, and change their floorplans to prevent the spread of Covid-19. New charter co-locations would crowd school buildings and prevent schools from taking these necessary steps. 


If LAUSD allows new charter co-locations to proceed for the 2020-21 school year, it will jeopardize the health of all involved – of public and charter school students, educators, and their families. Thousands of parents, teachers, and students have signed onto a petition calling on Superintendent Beutner to prioritize their health and enact the moratorium.


Parents, teachers, and students are also calling on the charter schools who have requested co-locations for the 2020-21 school year to rescind their applications.


“How are we supposed to socially distance if a new charter school comes and takes our rooms?” Sally Ortiz, a teacher at Lizarraga Elementary, said. “If Gabriella Charter co-locates at Lizarraga Elementary in the Fall, we will be crammed in one building, with no room to spread out. I tell my students that we will return to school once it’s safe, but if Gabriella Charter co-locates at our school, it won’t be safe. It will put us at higher risk for spreading Covid and bringing the virus home to our families. LAUSD needs to put health first. Our students and teachers deserve a safe school.”


WHAT: Socially-distanced press conference with parents, teachers, and students demanding a moratorium on new co-locations for 2020-21. 

WHEN: Thursday, May 7


WHERE: LAUSD Headquarters

333 S. Beaudry Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90017

WHO: Parents, teachers, and students from LAUSD public schools targeted for new charter co-location.