LAUSD Childcare

As millions of working families - including frontline workers in hospitals, grocery stores, food processing plants, sanitation, transportation, and other professions - have been forced to leave home for work and scramble to find childcare throughout the pandemic, it's become more clear than ever that we as a society must do more to provide affordable childcare options for families with children too young for school, but this problem can't be resolved in UTLA and LAUSD's hybrid return agreement.


We are pressing LAUSD to provide accommodations for employees with childcare needs as well as health risks, including permitting educators to provide distance learning at home, and believe the district needs to survey their employees to determine how many need such accommodations.



This is a very difficult time for parents, including educators. As part of the hybrid reopening of schools, childcare is supposed to be available for LAUSD students in TK-8, through the Beyond the Bell program.  However, just like before the pandemic, LAUSD does not have the capacity to provide childcare for the children of educators who are younger than school age or who attend school in other districts.


Women make up 70% of the teaching profession, and as such, UTLA calls on the state legislature and congress to proactively work to provide better childcare support for all working families in California.