An Epic Budget Fight Is Coming To Our Schools

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Corporations getting bailed out. Workers, schools, cities, and states getting shut out.

Corporations getting bailed out. Workers, schools, cities, and states getting shut out. 

LA Times reported a projected $35 billion immediate hit to our state budget, with another $85 billion loss over the coming years. Meanwhile, millionaires, real estate, and hedge fund investors were given a $90 billion tax break in the CARES Act—more than 1,400 times larger than the stimulus checks that workers and families will receive, and more than what frontline hospitals received. McConnell and the GOP have said that cities and states should file for bankruptcy, framing requests for aid as “blue state bailouts” to force cuts to public employee pensions. 


Teachers and students will not be sacrificed as we were after the 2008 economic crash. 

Following the crash, the California budget shortfall reached $40 billion. 

The federal government quickly bailed out the Wall Street institutions that caused the crash—but public services, including education, were denied access to the $700 billion in relief. 

By 2012, LAUSD had laid off more than 7,600 people. By 2013, UTLA had lost roughly 7,000 members to layoffs and privatization. LAUSD lost 80,000 students, more than half to corporate charter schools and many others to economic displacement. 

There is money for public education and social services. We have to fight for it. 

The federal government has shown it has trillions of dollars to prioritize the needs of corporations and the market. We must demand they do the same for our public schools and our students. As of April 23, as more than 26 million Americans lost their jobs, the combined wealth of America’s billionaires increased by $308 billion. 614 billionaires in the US have hoarded $2.9 trillion in wealth. Who should pay for this crisis: 614 billionaires, or 56 million students? The choice is clear. 

It’s time for our communities to be the priority. Our demands include: 

✓ No cuts to education funding, and more support for schools 

✓ Paid sick days for all 

✓ Universal income replacement 

✓ Healthcare for all 

✓ Free broadband internet access and devices 

✓ Housing for all, and stop rent and mortgage payments during the crisis 

✓ Green jobs and a green economy 

✓ Dismantle systemic racism, especially in our judicial and immigration systems 



1. Make sure your chapter has a chapter chair. 

2. Build your Chapter Action Team (CAT). 

3. Stay connected and be ready to fight!



It’s Time  for our communities  to be the priority.