Supt. Beutner lies about agreement being reached, manipulates fact-finding report

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LOS ANGELES — United Teachers Los Angeles calls on LAUSD Supt. Austin Beutner to immediately retract his statement made today to the media. Contrary to what he told reporters this morning in a press conference, no agreement — salary or otherwise — has been reached between UTLA and LAUSD.


Beutner’s latest stunt proves he wants to create confusion and chaos rather than be a willing partner in the reinvestment and sustainability of our school district, said Alex Caputo-Pearl, UTLA President.


“Implying that an agreement has been reached tells us he is more interested in perpetuating falsehoods than finding a real path to an agreement that respects teachers, parents our students and communities,”  Caputo-Pearl said. 


In fact, the neutral factfinder confirms three essential UTLA positions: That LAUSD has $1.8 billion in reserves, that LAUSD should increase staffing of nurses, counselors and other professional staff and that LAUSD should eliminate section 1.5 of contract (which unilaterally allows District to increase class size). From the report:


“The District’s reserves in the current fiscal year 2017-2018 is approximately $1.8 billion, which has been increasing in the past 5 years from $500 million in 2013-2014 to the current reserve levels.” – Page 4.


“The Neutral Panel Chair also recommends the adoption of the Union proposal to Eliminate Section 1.5 from the CBA.” — Page 11.


"My recommendation for settlement involves the dedication of a percentage of money to be used for the employment of teachers and other staff to reduce class size and provide additional student access to the services of librarians, nurses and other professional staff.” — Page 10.


The neutral factfinder supported UTLA’s demands in other critical areas, including:


—More educator rights during matrix process

—Greater role for chairs on school conversion process

—Greater UTLA representation for itinerant members

—Greater protection from arbitrary, capricious or discriminatory transfers

—Increased rights for substitute educators, including compensation for late cancellation of assignments

—Task force for early education

—Greater oversight of co-location process, including expanded role for site leaders in making sure co-locations don’t diminish the learning and working conditions at schools targeted for co-location.


UTLA says Beutner is intentionally starving our schools by hoarding the reserves so that cuts can be justified, opening the pathway for his ultimate goal: To break up the school district into 32 networks, making our neediest schools more vulnerable to takeover attempts by corporate interests.


“Throughout the last 20 months of bargaining, LAUSD has given almost no legitimate proposals. Working with high-priced consultants behind the scenes, Beutner lies about the budget and refuses to share public records. We demand he retract his statements made earlier today, and that he stop hoarding the close to $2 billion unrestricted reserves,” Caputo-Pearl said.

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Note: UTLA plans to hold a press conference to make an announcement  tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 19 at 10 AM, UTLA building, 3303 Wilshire Blvd.