Tell Beutner: No displacements!

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No Displacements

LAUSD students and teachers have worked hard over the past few weeks fostering relationships, learning various platforms, and adjusting to new schedules. Unfortunately, many students are now facing the possibility of being shifted to a different class due to teachers being displaced based on class-size numbers.

During the upheaval of an unprecedented pandemic and catastrophic fires caused by climate change, our students need more stability, not less. Because of school-site organizing and pressure from UTLA members and parents, the district has made movement toward limiting displacements by adjusting its teacher staffing norms. But they have not gone far enough to protect our students. Beutner can decide that no displacements will occur during this crisis — but Beutner needs to hear from us before Norm Day, this Friday.
“Displacements are morally and pedagogically wrong at this time," UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz says. "Displacements will throw educators and students in a state of disarray, causing a huge upheaval to their learning and progress in the virtual classroom. Smaller classes are one of the best interventions for increased student achievement, which is critical during crisis distance learning. Why are we taking this away from our students? Displacements are inequitable to Black and Brown students and contribute to increased teacher turnover in their schools. How can we truly have trauma-informed practices and focus on equity when the district is creating trauma and harm for our school communities through displacements?”

MAKE THE CALL: Click here for link to call Beutner and ask him to protect students from serious disruptions to teaching and learning.