Affected members will vote April 7-9

In addition to the ratified sideletter on the necessary safety and health conditions to reopen schools for hybrid instruction, UTLA has reached a tentative sideletter agreement with LAUSD on how to safely provide a range of special services to students in the hybrid schedules. The agreement covers provisions for services provided by these critical staff members:


  • Resource Specialist Teachers and Special Education Itinerant Services
  • Special Education Teachers at comprehensive secondary campuses, Career and Transition Centers, and Special Education centers
  • Preschool For All Learners/Preschool Comprehensive
  • Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education Infant Preschool, Preschool Itinerants, and Carlson Home Hospital Educators
  • School Nurses
  • Psychiatric Social Workers and Pupil Services and Attendance Counselors
  • Secondary Counselors
  • Teacher Librarians
  • Arts and Physical Education Itinerant Teachers


The tentative agreement includes safety and working conditions that will allow each specialized group to do their work, including conducting assessments and safely providing services at multiple school sites. The sideletter also provides additional specialized PPE equipment, a clearly defined workspace that must be assigned no less than 48 hours prior to being expected to physically return to work, and guidance on carrying out primary and necessary job duties.

The UTLA Bargaining Team worked through Spring Break to settle outstanding issues with the district. Members from the impacted employee groups joined our team at the bargaining table at various junctures over the past several weeks to provide powerful testimony about the specific needs of students they serve and to discuss how best to deliver their unique services in a hybrid reopening environment.

If ratified, the tentative agreement would expire at the end of the current school year. Unless specifically spelled out in the new agreement, all provisions of the Sideletter for the Physical Reopening of Schools for Hybrid Instruction would apply to the working conditions of the members in the sideletter.

VOTING APRIL 7-9: Affected UTLA members will vote on the tentative sideletter agreement this week, from April 7 to 9. Employees in the impacted groups should look for instructions via email early this week. Voting will be conducted by Integrity Voting, which ran the vote on the hybrid schedule sideletter. Affected members will be meeting this week to discuss the agreement and review its provisions with members of the bargaining team.

As schools move closer to a physical reopening, UTLA is holding a citywide training for chapter leaders this week on the COVID-19 Compliance Task Forces that must be in place in every school. The training will cover how to confirm the safety protocols at school before staff return to campus, how to formally report violations, and how to take action collectively if deficiencies create safety risks. Chapter leaders, if you have not received the email to sign up for the training, please reach out to your Area representative.


Tentative Agreement on Special Services