Tuesday, July 28: UTLA update from today's bargaining

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Bargaining continued today with LAUSD, with some discussion of the instructional day schedule for the fall. 
LAUSD continues to push its unacceptable position that our members should be required to teach virtually from the classroom when the school year begins. We once again strongly rejected this attempted mandate.
Our Bargaining Team called out the disrespect behind the district’s stance and questioned how LAUSD can feel so emboldened as to try to force our members — who are majority female and majority people of color — to return to work during a surging pandemic, putting educators' health and safety at risk.
While we know some of our members would like to teach from the classroom, the district has yet to provide clear safety protocols or evidence that it has secured the testing and Personal Protective Equipment necessary for staff to work from school sites.
At this time, UTLA bargaining unit members are not required to physically return to school sites, and that includes ALL of our members — classroom-based and nonclassroom-based staff. If you are asked to do so by your administrator, ask for the directive in writing and forward it to your UTLA Area representative.
We’ll be back at the table tomorrow.