UTLA 2015-16 Year in Review

Our 2015-16 school Year at a Glance

Focusing on our Build the Future, Fund the Fight campaign, aimed at a member dues restructuring so that we can take care of our own house and fight for public education.

Bargaining with the District for smaller class sizes, better teacher evaluations and more health & human servicing staffing. 

Supporting the Prop. 30 extension through signature gathering for the November ballot with UTLA collecting more than 18,000 signatures locally.

Fighting against Prop. 39 Co-location at many schools and insisting that independent charters pay their fair share. Through our recently released Economic Impact Report, we uncovered millions of uncollected dollars that could help pay for our demands, such as lower class sizes and increased staffing for our schools.  

Joining our state and national affiliates and other coalitions to defend educators in legal battles, such as the Vergara, Friedrichs and Alliance College-Ready Public Schools court rulings. 

… and rallying at many School Board actions at Beaudry.

As we continued to campaign for the Schools L.A. Students Deserve, last August we released our ambitious, but absolutely necessary 2015-17 strategic plan that’s built on three foundations:

1. Standing for fairness
2. Fighting for resources
3. Building a stronger UTLA

We ended June with standing for the teachers in Mexico and supporting the newly formed California Hedgeclipper coalition fighting against the billionaires plan for education. Thanks for watching. See you next year!

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