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LOS ANGELES — With a priority on consistency and stability amid a surging pandemic, UTLA and LAUSD have agreed to extend the terms of the current Distance Learning sideletter agreement with some adjustments designed to support engagement with students and parents.  A separate agreement was also reached that requires school nurses to physically provide services in the testing program and their assigned school sites, effective January 11. The extension agreement remains in effect until June 30, 2021 or until schools physically reopen. 

“We are gratified to reach an agreement to extend the distance learning agreement, which is what our students need right now,” UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said. “In the face of the upheaval we are all dealing with, educators, students, and families need stability most of all, and our Bargaining Team worked 24-7 to meet that need.”

The distance learning agreement extension includes:

  • Maintenance of 360-minute day for classroom teachers
  • Maintenance of total instructional minutes in current sideletter
  • Maintenance of work flexibility for members outside of the school instructional day
  • Maintenance of guaranteed work for substitute members
  • Maintenance of current synchronous instruction requirements Tuesday-Friday
  • Additional synchronous instructional minutes on Mondays for grades 1-12
  • 15 additional minutes at the end of Monday for PD, grade level, or department meetings
  • 30 minutes of additional office hours on Tuesday-Friday for connecting with students and families, with teachers having the flexibility to schedule these minutes at their discretion

Agreement reached on school nurses services

Agreement was also reached requiring school nurses to physically provide services in the testing program and their assigned school sites, effective January 11, with a special stipend for this work.

From the beginning of the pandemic, UTLA has prioritized the health and safety of students, families, and communities during school campus closures. A key part of that has been a consistent demand for a robust testing and tracing program. LAUSD has done the right thing and responded with a testing program accessible to our students and communities, and school nurses are needed for the program to work.

The agreement has language to ensure that the working conditions continue to be safe (no school nurses have tested positive as a result of voluntary participation thus far) and that related workload issues will be addressed in a fair and equitable manner.

Both sides agree to bargain hybrid plan and in-person services for high-need students

UTLA and LAUSD reached agreement to bargain in January over plans for hybrid instruction if a physical return becomes possible at some point during the second semester and to bargain over plans for how to provide in-person services for targeted student populations. The sideletter obligates UTLA and LAUSD  to reach an agreement on these plans by the end of January. 

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