UTLA-Endorsed Candidates Both Win Places In Runoff

Steve Zimmer gets most votes in District 4, advances along with Imelda Padilla in District 6 to May 16 General Election
LOS ANGELES -- Despite being outspent 2 to 1, UTLA-endorsed candidates Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla have advanced to the runoffs, in what has been called the most important and hotly contested school board race in U.S. history.



LAUSD School Board District 4 Votes Percent
Steven Zimmer  28,186 47.49%
Nick Melvoin 18,532 31.22%
Allison Holdorff Polhill 8,581 14.46%
Gregory Martayan 4,056 6.83%


LAUSD School Board District 6 Votes Percentage
Kelly Fitzpatrick-Gonez 10,092 36.13%
Imelda Padilla 8,672 31.04%
Patty Lopez 3,599 12.88%
Araz Parseghian 2,546 9.11%
Gwendolyn R. Posey 1,601 5.73%
Jose Sandoval 1,425 5.10%


The Trump administration’s extremist privatization agenda for public education has had ripple effects in Los Angeles. In this election, voters had two choices: preserving our neighborhood public schools or dismantling and privatizing them.
“The soul of public education was at stake, and thousands of voters rebuked the Trump/Devos/CCSA agenda,” said Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of United Teachers Los Angeles. “They said yes to public education and no to unaccountable charter schools and candidates backed by billionaire privatizers.”
This was the most expensive school board race in history. Despite the millions of dollars that the California Charter Schools Association spent on this election to garner a majority on the Los Angeles Unified School Board, voters chose two pro-public education advocates in Zimmer and Padilla.
In the Huntington Park City Council race, where CCSA outspent UTLA 3 to 1, UTLA members campaigned for Karina Macias and Manuel Avila, who decisively beat their opponents. Macias and Avila had been targeted by CCSA for their support for a moratorium on unregulated charter schools in that city.
These races show a growing resistance to candidates who are bankrolled by billionaires looking to take control of our local elections, undercut our democracy and privatize our public institutions.
UTLA members and their supporters worked tirelessly over many weeks in an effort to reelect School Board President Steve Zimmer in District 4 and to elect youth advocate Imelda Padilla in District 6. Educators knocked on 200,000 doors, called 550,000 voters, and took to social media to get out the vote for the two UTLA-endorsed candidates.
While the runoff will decide who is elected in School Board Districts 4 and 6, UTLA congratulates Zimmer and Padilla on a well-organized and well-fought primary campaign. We will continue to fight alongside both candidates, doubling down efforts for victory in the general election on May 16.
UTLA, the nation’s second-largest teachers’ union local, represents more than 35,000 teachers and health & human services professionals who work in the Los Angeles Unified School District and in charter schools.