UTLA files Unfair Practice Charge against LAUSD

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Unfair Practice Charge against LAUSD
UTLA files Unfair Practice Charge against LAUSD
Exhibit of Unfair Labor Practice
Exhibit of Unfair Labor Practice

UTLA filed an Unfair Practice Charge with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) against LAUSD for trying to silence educators and for interfering with our members’ rights. 

The charge involves the district’s clear violation of established law that protects teachers' rights to talk to parents on or off campus during noninstructional time about issues that impact their children, including contract negotiations. In August, the district sent a directive to principals asserting that educators cannot discuss negotiations-related topics on school grounds with parents, with special emphasis on Back to School Night. 

Simultaneously as the district was trying to silence teachers, Beutner appeared at a meeting of Student Body Presidents at the Diego Rivera Learning Complex, where he openly criticized UTLA and our bargaining proposals to a captive audience of teachers and students—in other words, they couldn't leave and had to listen to him—and he passed out the dishonest LAUSD "Just the Facts" flyer to students. 
UTLA is calling on PERB to require LAUSD to immediately cease and desist from interfering with the rights of our members and that LAUSD acknowledge its responsibility to maintain an environment free of interference.
Also this week, on our previously filed UPC charge for LAUSD’s refusal to provide important documents, PERB issued an initial complaint, which is an indication of the merit of our charge.
Beutner’s attempt to intimidate educators and his holding of captive audience meetings are illegal and reflect an anti-union animus. We can and we will talk to parents—our partners in their children's education—about our contract fight for better learning and working conditions. 

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