UTLA members ratify TA: 95% yes

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UTLA Members approve Tentative Agreement

UTLA members voted overwhelmingly to ratify the tentative agreement on crisis distance learning, with 95% of the 15,726 ballots cast approving of the TA. Voting was conducted by Integrity Voting Systems over three days, from August 12 to 14.

The agreement addresses crisis distance learning in LAUSD from August 3 to the end of 2020, or until students physically return to schools for regular instruction. Under the provisions, no UTLA member is required to physically return to work at an LAUSD building until schools are physically reopened for all students. The agreement creates a structured school day with some flexibility and pedagogical discretion, and a Smart Start to the school year with training time for educators and students on technology and remote learning.
The agreement also creates a Distance Learning workgroup that will allow us to continue to push the district for improvements as issues come up. Educators should share concerns in your UTLA chapter meetings so that chapter leaders can bring issues to the workgroup and we can present those issues with collective support. Other issues can be organized around within your chapter.
"This agreement is what we need in this time of crisis to strengthen teaching and learning and expand the social-emotional supports our students need," UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said. "Crisis distance learning is not ideal, but it is a temporary and necessary solution to keep our communities safe. We are five months into a global pandemic that has aggravated the racial and social inequities that plague our society. Our political and economic leaders need to get serious about giving our schools the funding to reopen safely and giving our communities the safety net to survive the devastation of this pandemic.”
UTLA continues to fight for the resources necessary for a safe physical return to schools, including campaigning vigorously for Prop. 15, which would raise $12 billion for schools and social services.