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UTLA reaches agreement with LAUSD on extended safety protocols and 5% pay raise

UTLA members will vote September 30-October 2

UTLA has reached a tentative agreement in reopener bargaining with the Los Angeles Unified School District on extended safety measures, a 5% pay raise for educators, strategies for staffing the City of Angels online independent study program, and learning continuity for students who must quarantine.

With the Delta variant continuing to move through our communities, the agreement meets our critical goal of extending multilayered COVID safety measures until at least December. Some of the protocols were scheduled to expire in September.

UTLA members will be voting on the tentative agreement September 30 through October 2. The UTLA Board has overwhelmingly endorsed the agreement and recommends a yes vote. If approved, the provisions of the agreement would remain in effect until June 30, 2022. The agreement must also be approved by the LAUSD School Board.


Key elements:

  • Continued regular testing of all students and staff, regardless of vaccination status, through at least December 17, 2021.
  • Continued mandatory masking, indoors and outdoors, for all people on campus and continued use of MERV filters or equivalent air filtration systems for all classrooms until at least December 1, 2021.
  • New LAUSD Quarantine Checklist of required actions by site administrators and the district when a student or employee tests positive for COVID-19 and/or students are quarantined.
  • Students who must quarantine will have access to Zoom livestreaming for at least 50% of the instructional day, the timing of which will be determined by the teacher.
  • For wildfire-related school shutdowns that last more than one day, classroom teachers will provide virtual instruction for students, unless the teacher is impacted by wildfire issues.
  • UTLA members will receive a 5% ongoing raise along with a one-time $2,000 stipend for this school year and a one-time $500 technology stipend for last school year.
  • Substitute educators required to quarantine during the 2021-2022 school year shall have the number of service days (100) required to qualify for healthcare in 2022-2023 reduced by the number of required quarantine days.
  • To address severe shortages in the City of Angels online programs, all UTLA members (including members seeking reasonable accommodations) have the option to volunteer for temporary assignment to City of Angels. If additional teachers are needed, the district may temporarily assign some teachers who have been protected from displacement at overstaffed schools. All teachers assigned to City of Angels have return rights to their current school.
  • Back to School nights will be virtual, and IEPs may be conducted virtually upon parent request.
  • There will be no evaluation for permanent educators who have not received a below standard evaluation in the last five years.

“First and foremost, the agreement recognizes that COVID-19 is still very much with us,” UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said. “The agreement meets our critical goal of extending multilayered COVID safety measures — including regular testing, masking, and quality air filtration— to keep our schools safe and open, and we secured a new quarantine checklist that will bring clarity and consistency across the district to how LAUSD responds to COVID cases. Health and safety must come first to protect everyone who walks through the doors of our classrooms and workspaces.”

The agreement is reached as UTLA members are going through a unionwide process to build a platform for full contract bargaining, which begins in 2022. An ambitious, democratically developed bargaining platform is how we build power for the fight to meet the long-term needs of our schools and our students. The first step in that process is under way: identifying priorities through deep member discussions at the chapter level, along with parent and community town halls. Identified issues will be developed into a bargaining platform that will be put to a vote of the UTLA membership later in the year.

“Reaching today’s tentative agreement paves the way to embark on our broader contract campaign,” Myart-Cruz said. “Full contract bargaining is when we, as a union, can uplift any proposals that we are ready and willing to fight for. Now is our time to organize deeply and fight forward for a proactive vision for public education.”

Tentative Agreement Summary
Text of the Tentative Agreement