UTLA Responds to LAUSD’s Announcement to go to 100% Remote Learning on Aug. 18

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UTLA response to remote learning


LOS ANGELES — LAUSD announced today that when the school year resumes August 18, all teaching will be remote and physical school sites will remain closed. The district's decision comes after the clear message educators sent on Friday — with 83% of the 18,000 members responding to an informal online poll — that LAUSD should not physically reopen schools and to refocus on distance learning.

“In March, UTLA called on LAUSD officials to close schools in light of the growing urgency of the COVID health crisis, and they closed them," UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said. "It was the right thing to close school campuses then, and it’s the right thing to keep them closed now. In the face of the alarming spike in COVID cases, the lack of necessary funding from the government to open schools safely, and the outsized threat of death faced by working class communities of color, there really is no other choice that doesn't put thousands of lives at risk.”

With the district's decision, the focus now turns to bargaining with LAUSD to negotiate the terms of remote learning, which will need to be collaborative and productive in order to ensure a robust and strong remote learning program. The next bargaining session between LAUSD and UTLA is this Thursday.

In this time of crisis, Myart-Cruz said, educators must continue to lead with parents, students and the community.

“We must continue to take bold action together to build well-funded schools with the necessary conditions to protect everyone’s health; robust student supports, including increased mental health and academic services; and resources for hard-hit communities so they can survive this crisis, such as income replacement and rent and mortgage forgiveness,” Myart-Cruz said.