UTLA Supports Due Process for Teacher Rafe Esquith

LAUSD’s decision to place Hobart Boulevard Elementary School teacher Rafe Esquith on administrative leave has generated media attention in Los Angeles and across the country.  UTLA has reached out to Esquith, as we do with any educator and UTLA member who finds him or herself in this type of situation, but he has retained outside counsel and we respect his decision to do so.  UTLA stands ready to support Esquith’s due process rights.  All educators are entitled to due process—which includes being informed in a timely manner by the District of any allegations that are being investigated. 

UTLA has organized around the issue of the “teacher jail” system that ballooned under former Superintendent John Deasy. We negotiated important changes and they appear in our new collective bargaining agreement with LAUSD.  We expect the agreement to be followed. Any educator who is temporarily reassigned pending investigation must be notified in writing within three work days of the reason for the reassignment.  Administrative investigations are to be completed as quickly as possible—with a goal of ninety work days.  The employee is to be notified of the outcome of the investigation within fifteen days of its completion.

For media inquiries, contact UTLA Director of Communications, Anna Bakalis at abakalis@utla.net