Press Release
UTLA and LAUSD conclude fact-finding presentations

During the fact-finding stage of collective bargaining with the Los Angeles Unified School District, UTLA presented to the panel a forceful case for our bargaining demands and how they are essential to building the healthy, nurturing educational environment that all students deserve. Click to read on.

LAUSD parent: why I support a strike

I’m a parent of two LAUSD students, and I fully support a potential teachers’ strike. A strike may be the only way to get the state and the school district to invest in our children—all of our children.

What does it mean to withhold our labor?

UTLA Elementary Vice President Gloria Martinez explains what it means to withhold our labor as we move closer to a possible strike. Click here to read on.

This is why I will strike

While the daily demands of our job require us to be pillars of patience, everyone has a limit. And believe me when I say to you, your public school teachers have reached it. Op-Ed by Lisa Falco LAUSD Instructional Coach 
& Intervention Teacher. Click here to read on.

President's Perspective
Competing visions for public education

In this edition of the President's Perspective by Alex Caputo-Pearl the competing visions of Supt. Austin Beutner and our UTLA President for the future of public education in Los Angeles are discussed. Click here for more.

Wildfire resources for those directly affected

The UTLA officers want to express support for the communities throughout our region and state being impacted by wildfires, including many of our members and their families. For those directly affected, please go to for information about the CTA Disaster Relief Fund, which provides resources for UTLA members who suffer significant losses due to a natural disaster.