Have a great summer!

Congratulations on another academic year doing some of the most important work in the world: educating our students. As we head into the summer, take a moment to recognize the historic year we had together.

Governor's Charter Task Force releases report

This Charter Task Force was established in large part because of pressure generated by our strike. The majority recommendations of the Task Force are essential starting points

Measure EE: Tough loss but our movement will win

We want to start by appreciating you, UTLA members. Many of you participated in precinct walks, community events, phone banks, and making sure to vote and take family and friends with you. All of that said, a loss is always disappointing, and the results with Measure EE are no different.

John Rogers, UCLA professor, Endorses Measure EE

On Tuesday, Los Angeles voters will have a unique opportunity to bring much-needed resources to our city’s public schools. I support Measure EE because as a professor of education at UCLA, I know that Los Angeles schools are underfunded.

President's Perspective
Corporate greed or the funding our schools need?

There is one overwhelming punchline for all of us between now and June 4: We need to vote, we need to get others to vote, and we need to precinct walk to pass Measure EE. Jackie Goldberg’s 71% to 29% landslide victory on May 14 was a watershed moment.

ISCA to close after 28 years of leading Lesson Design Study to members

After guiding and supporting teachers to conduct teaching as lesson research in the form of UTLA Lesson Design Study for 28 years, Charlotte Higuchi NBCT has retired as ISCA director. Instead Day Higuchi will lead a 3 salary-point Lesson Design Study course at UTLA for a nominal fee.