300—yes, 300!—LA unions sanction possible UTLA strike

In a unanimous vote yesterday, leaders representing more than 300 unions affiliated with the LA County Federation of Labor pledged to stand with educators and support our strike, if we need to walk to win a good contract. 

UTLA files Unfair Practice Charge against LAUSD

UTLA filed an Unfair Practice Charge with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) against LAUSD for trying to silence educators and for interfering with our members’ rights.

2008 is calling, and it wants its class-size numbers back

“1.5 It is recognized that the class size restrictions of this Article may not be achieved due to circumstances such as state funding limitations, changes in the student integration or other programs, or statutory changes...”

Famous or fired? LAUSD teacher speaks out to Beutner

I am here because I love my students. I am here because I believe in social justice. Despite all the slings and arrows, the insults and attacks, the overwhelming challenges and obstacles, I am still here.

President's Perspective
Downsize or Reinvest?

What is the answer to downsizing our public schools? Reinvesting. Reinvesting by recruiting and retaining educators with a fair pay increase, stopping the increases in class sizes, pushing for more per-pupil funding, giving educators a say in what tests are administered, placing commonsense regulation on charter growth alongside reasonable accountabilities on charters, and advocating for Community Schools. Read on for more information.

Press Release
UTLA statement on LAUSD’s $1.86 billion in reserves

Today, LAUSD will present its Unaudited Actuals Report. The report shows that LAUSD’s unrestricted ending balance (“reserves”) is now at $1.863 billion for the end of the 2017-18 school year—even larger than its previous estimates of $1.7 billion.