Press Release
Countdown to Equity: Mothers, educators and unions put the Department of Education on a 90-day notice to address racial inequities in public education

A coalition of educators and mothers of students with disabilities from cities across the country — Austin, Los Angeles, Oakland, Madison, Milwaukee and Boston — filed a legal petition today with the US Department of Education, seeking to quickly repair the damage of dismantled civil rights protections sustained through the DeVos/Trump years and to rebuild the Department of Education under President Biden and Secretary Cardona.

CDC Action Erodes School Safety Guidelines

Educators in Los Angeles are excited to be on a path to the physical return to school buildings in a way that puts safety first. Regrettably, some of the evidence the CDC used to make the abrupt guideline change of six feet of physical distance in schools to three feet is flawed. The report examined only policies and not actual distance, and only looked at the number of COVID-19 cases reported to the state — leaving out students and residents who were asymptomatic and not tested for COVID-19.