UTLA internal election results

Cecily Myart-Cruz has been elected president of UTLA. She is the first biracial Black woman elected to lead the union in its 50-year history. Ballots for the UTLA citywide elections were counted at UTLA headquarters today. 

Community Schools Informational Meeting This Thursday, February 27

One of the victories of our successful strike was winning investments into 30 schools to become Community Schools – to better serve our students, bring more educator and parent voice in, and provide a positive vision of schooling against privatization.  Each school designated as a Community School receives one-time general funds of $150,000 in Year One and $250,000 in Year Two. The funds allocated for Year One are meant to support planning and preparation for the implementation of the four Community Schools Pillars. All schools designated are required to use part of the funding to select a Community Schools Coordinator for two years. 

President's Perspective
Win the School Board in 2020 to win bigger in 2022

The atmosphere at the temporary UTLA field office in Van Nuys was electric this past Saturday as more than 75 members prepared for precinct-walking for Scott Schmerelson. Cecilia Cordova Hart, Adriana Garcia, and Christina Medina from Cohasset Elementary huddled together to look at their assigned turf map on their phones. Teams from Blythe Elementary, Winnetka Elementary, Sharp Elementary, Carpenter Elementary, and Beachy Elementary took their sheets of talking points and confidently departed for their assigned turf.

Press Release
UTLA relaunches billboard campaign, calls out Trump and fellow billionaire privatizers

Los Angeles— United Teachers Los Angeles has launched a new phase of the “We Are Public Schools” campaign that includes more than 75 billboards across LA. One billboard features Donald Trump and posted the same day he attacked teachers and called public schools “failed government schools” in his State of the Union speech.

UTLA Overwhelmingly Endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders for US President

United Teachers Los Angeles, the second-largest teachers’ local in the country, is proud to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for US President in the 2020 Primary Election, making UTLA the first teachers’ union in the country to endorse a presidential candidate.

President's Perspective
Our strike shifted the narrative: Now, we win more

We keep seeing the positive impacts of our strike. Take a moment and feel pride in your days in the rain on the picket line. Lisa Bennett is a special education teacher, UTLA chapter chair, and an LAUSD Teacher of the Year. She teaches at Van Gogh School, one of those closest to the Saddleridge fire. Lisa and others across the San Fernando Valley were incensed by LAUSD’s flat-footedness in responding to the fire. Schools should have been closed and should have remained closed until they were rigorously cleaned and the air quality improved. LAUSD needs a plan, developed with stakeholders, for fire safety in the future.