Educator Development and Support (EDS)

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Initial Planning Sheet (IPS): Should be consistent with individual objectives and should be directly related to observations, assistance and guidance and the final evaluation.

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One Formal Observation during their evaluation year (down from 2 mandatory evaluations last year) and a “Growth Plan Visit” (informal visit) which must be completed by March 17.

Employees will be evaluated using only 7 performance focus elements of the TLF (Teaching and Learning Framework), rather than 15.

  • 3 Elements will be designated by the District each year.
  • 3 Elements will be selected by the employee.
  • 1 Element will be cooperatively selected by the employee and the evaluator ( “Appeal” process to next Administrative level: Article X, Section 4.2).

Teachers are encouraged to document the observation time and duration. Also to make record of the classroom appearance, student activity and student work. In subsequent administrator visits, keep the same type of documentation, paying attention to any items included in the assistance and guidance portion of the observation summary. Artifacts can include sample student work, lesson plans, unit plans, sample assessments, department meeting agendas, parent call logs, or any other type of documentation that provides evidence of a teacher’s practice for a given element in the Teaching and Learning Framework.

Written reflections are optional and voluntary!

Multiple measures are used to determine a final performance evaluation, with observation ratings being only one part of the final evaluation. Evaluations are not subject to the grievance procedures of Article V, except when the final overall evaluation is “Below Standard.” (or there is significant disparity between the rating and negative comment on the form.) Article X and the 2016 re-opener Agreement still fully apply.