UTLA PD Opportunities

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UTLA/LAUSD Salary Point Credit Advisement 

Helps teachers and health and human service professionals develop, identify, and connect with high-quality professional development that builds content knowledge, refines professional practice, and improves student learning.

Email Professional Development Advisor, Ingrid Gunnell, at img2162@lausd.net or go to the district's website below:




The Support Network

An award-winning, nationally recognized network affiliate of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards that assists UTLA members in pursuing or renewing their National Board Certification, a prestigious and voluntary system to assess and certify accomplished teachers. Please read the National Board Certification (NBC) FAQs to see if this is your year to pursue certification.

Salary points are available for participating in The Support Network. For more information on how you can become a National Board Certified Teacher or to renew your current certification, please email TSN Coordinator Michael de la Torre, NBCT, mdelatorre@thesupportnetwork.net or call (213) 251-1444. Go online www.thesupportnetwork.net.

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Institute for Standards, Curricula, and Assessments (ISCA) 

ISCA Group
ISCA seminar attendees from January 4-6, 2017.

The mission of the Institute for Standards, Curricula, and Assessments is to advance student learning by supporting collaborative, teacher-research based teaching practice through UTLA Lesson Design Study Seminars. The development of school curriculum by teachers respected and supported to bring their professional judgment and knowledge to the task can be a major part of creating Schools that L. A. Students Deserve. UTLA Lesson Design Study implements a teaching methodology that integrates seamlessly with, supports, and amplifies the effectiveness of teachers creating and improving curriculum and performance assessments.

Seminars are organized as salary point credit courses focused on unit or lesson design around key standards: Common Core, Next Generation Science, ELD, such as the argument standard. Participants give ISCA Seminars high marks for depth, rigor, and immediate positive effects on student performance. Teacher participants who later seek and achieve National Board Certification often attest to the Lesson Design Study process having helped prepare them for that challenge.

Seminar participants base their designed unit or lesson on current standards, develop a formative performance assessment and rubric, design lessons to elicit desirable performance levels, teach the lessons, video and debrief a lesson, collaboratively score student work from the performance assessment, analyze results, and apply analysis and reflection in redesigning the unit or lesson and its assessment, so that the unit or lesson is more likely to elicit better student performances the next time that it is taught. 

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The Los Angeles Unified School District PAR 

The Peer Assistance and Review Program was created in response to California State Assembly Bill 1X and is a collaborative effort of LAUSD and UTLA.

PAR’s purpose is to support and renew quality teaching in classrooms throughout the District. PAR provides instructional support to below standard teachers, beginning teachers and teachers who volunteer for assistance. Teachers issued below standard evaluations are mandated to participate. Find out more




The Local Options Oversight Committee 

LOOC is a collaborative group of representatives from Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA), Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), created through the Local School Stabilization and Empowerment Initiative (LSSEI) of 2011.

LOOC is charged with supporting all schools interested in increased decision-making authority by providing workshops on the three District models, Expanded School Based Management Model (ESBMM), Pilot Schools and Local Initiative Schools (LIS), the application process, and specialized workshops on specific autonomies and related topics such as budget, collaboration, staffing, curriculum and assessment, and professional learning communities. Find out more




The Helen Bernstein Professional Development Center 

It opened its doors and paved the way for not only Chapter Chair training, but for the New Teacher Training Academy and salary point classes in multicultural education for all UTLA members. The Center is dedicated to encouraging professional growth for all our members to embrace.