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Get Patricia Castellanos & Scott Schmerelson elected. Get Prop. 15 passed.



Why Paty and Scott? 




Elect Scott Schmerelson and Paty Castellanos for a School Board majority we can trust. They are both ready to lead on:

  • Protecting public schools from the threat of privatization. 
  • Focusing the budget on students and classroom resources.
  • Providing strong leadership, integrity and accountability to the school board.
  • Increasing the number of librarians, nurses, psychologists and social workers. 

We need a School Board majority we can trust and work with. Electing Paty Castellanos to the District 7 seat and Scott Schmerelson to the District 3 seat will give us that majority. We can't go back to a School Board controlled by billionaire privatizers and corporate charters. Regardless of where we live or teach, this election will affect all of us because the School Board governs as a body, not as individuals, with the majority making the decisions. 

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Why Prop 15, and why now?



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California is the wealthiest state in the country and 5th largest economy in the world

  • We should not allow wealthy investors and big corporations to continue avoiding paying their fair share of property taxes.  They benefit from public schools, roads and public safety just like the rest of us, but they use schemes and loopholes to avoid paying for them. Billionaires’ wealth grew by more than $175 Billion in the 1st 3 months of the pandemic. Jeff Bezos alone made over $13 Billion in one day.
  • How many of you remember the cuts that came out of the 2008 economic crash? The budget shortfall after the crash was $40 billion. By 2012, LAUSD had laid off more than 7,600 people. By 2013, UTLA had lost roughly 7,000 members to layoffs and privatization. LAUSD lost 80,000 students.
  • The budget shortfall from the pandemic already has exceeded $54 billion. Without the much-needed funding from Proposition 15, the pandemic recession cuts will make the Great Recession look like a hiccup.





Ballots Drop Date

Commit to voting for Proposition 15 in November by signing the online pledge here.


Proposition 15 will give us the funding our schools desperately need 
  • The budget shortfall from the pandemic already exceeds $54 billion. Without funding from Proposition 15, we will be facing recession cuts created by this crisis. Yet, billionaires wealth grew by more than $175 Billion in the first 3 months of the pandemic. We should not allow wealthy investors and big corporations to continue to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes. Proposition 15 corrects this travesty by closing commercial property tax loopholes benefiting a fraction of corporations and wealthy investors without impacting homeowners or renters. Here are some key points:

  • RECLAIMS $12 billion per year for K-12 schools, community colleges and local communities
  • CLOSES commercial property tax loopholes that allow big corporations like Chevron & Disney to avoid paying their fair share  
  • ENSURES full transparency & accountability for all reclaimed revenue
  • Completely EXEMPTS all residential properties.
  • PROTECTS homeowners and renters
  • EXEMPTS smaller businesses valued at under $3 million and agricultural land
  • Only 10% of the biggest, wealthiest commercial properties will generate 92% of the revenue.

    It is our responsibility as educators to fight for the funds our schools desperately need. Commit to voting for Proposition 15 in November by signing the online pledge here. Talk to family and friends and urge them to Vote Yes on Prop. 15. It is time to put our schools and communities first by voting Yes on Prop.15.



FACT: 80% of voters we talk to say YES to Prop. 15 — but we need many more conversations to win

Every UTLA member needs to commit to victory for Prop. 15 by signing up to phone voters and by pledging to vote yes on Prop. 15. Phone banking is easy — and it’s a break from ZOOM.  When we talk one-on-one with voters and let them know that Prop. 15 guarantees long-term revenue for schools, they say yes. When they hear that taxes will not change for homeowners or small businesses, they say yes. When they hear that hugely profitable Fortune 500 companies pay taxes based on ridiculously low assessed land values and then use loopholes to maintain low taxes, they say yes to Prop. 15. 
Commit to 1-2-3 for Victory

1. Sign the online pledge and commit to vote for Prop. 15

2. Join your school’s team for phone banking (from home) for 4 hours in September and 4 hours in October. Talk to your chapter chair or sign up at

3. If you’re in Board District 3 or Board District 7, commit to vote for Scott Schmerelson or Patricia Castellanos and let your chapter chair know. 


FACT: Chevron reaps $140 billion in revenue but pays 1975-era property taxes 

Chevron, a multinational corporation with $140 billion in revenue, has huge refineries in California in Richmond and El Segundo. The properties were last reassessed in 1975, so Chevron is paying property taxes based on dramatically out-of-date assessments. Under Proposition 15, Chevron would pay an estimated $5 million to $9 million more each year in property taxes to benefit schools and local services. And that money is just for Chevron's refineries — the corporation would also owe millions on other under-assessed land.

UTLA members will be joining the community on September 30 for a car caravan action outside of the Chevron refinery in El Segundo to demand they stop attacking Prop. 15 so our schools and communities can reclaim the funding they deserve. Learn more at


FACT: The charter lobby has spent nearly $1 million in the last week and will spend record-breaking amounts to defeat our candidates over the next five weeks

WalMart, Bill Bloomfield, Reed Hastings, and CCSA, all of whom tried to defeat our candidates in the primaries, are again trying to buy the LAUSD school board for their corporate private interests. We must take on the billionaires again and winWith a huge state budget deficit looming, the stakes are high for our jobs, our healthcare, and our schools. We can’t have the balance of power on the school board tilted toward the privatizers. Vote and campaign for Scott Schmerelson and Patricia Castellanos.


"Who do you trust on Prop. 15? Small business owners or mega-corporations?"

WATCH small business owners talk about why they're voting YES on Prop. 15.


Make your plan to VOTE

Check your voter status
Find out if you are registered to vote on this new state website.

Ballots mailed to every registered voter OCTOBER 5
All registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot for the November 3 election. There will also be safe in-person voting options.

Sign up to track your ballot
Go to Where’s My Ballot?, a new way for voters to track and receive notifications on the status of their vote-by-mail ballot.

UTLA November endorsements
Find UTLA's endorsement slate and links to our affiliates' endorsements


Political Disclaimer Sept 2020


In these final days of the campaign, the billionaires and the charter lobby are spending $20,000 an hour to attack our candidates. 

Together we can stop them from buying the School Board and threatening our healthcare, our secure retirement, our class size and hiring gains, and more. Together we can elect partners to the board and organize for more progress for our schools and our students.

It's easier than ever to vote this year because of 3 big changes to the LA County voting system.


LA County voters can cast a ballot at any one of almost 1,000 Vote Centers across the county—not just the location closest to your home. Find a Vote Center here.
Vote Centers are open this weekend. Running errands, meeting friends, or heading to a precinct walk in Van Nuys or Carson? Click here to find a Voter Center nearby and make plans to cast your ballot on the way.
Because you don't have to go to an assigned location to cast your ballot, you can vote at your school if it is a Voting Center. See links below for the more than 150 school-based Vote Centers, which will be open Saturday-Tuesday.


Go to UTLA March 3 endorsement page for more endorsements.


UTLA Campaign Offices

Walks for Board District 7 Patricia Castellanos

103 W. Carson Street, Carson, CA 90745

Walks for Board District 3 Scott Schmerelson

6634 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406

Time: GOTV Precinct Walks from campaign offices

Monday, March 2, precinct walk until 8 PM, join us anytime after school

Tuesday, March 3, precinct walk until 8 PM, join us anytime after school


Full list of UTLA Endorsements

CFT Endorsements


CTA Endorsements


For the list of UTLA Members Running for County Central Committee click here

UTLA has endorsed a powerful team to fight for public education on the LAUSD School Board against pro-privatization corporate forces in 2020.

With four LAUSD School Board seats up for election in 2020, UTLA has endorsed a powerful team to fight for public education on the LAUSD School Board against pro-privatization corporate forces. As overwhelmingly approved by the UTLA House of Representatives, the UTLA slate includes incumbents George McKenna, Scott Schmerelson, and Jackie Goldberg — fresh off her landslide win in the special election last spring. 
For the seat being vacated by Richard Vladovic, UTLA is endorsing an LAUSD parent who is committed to the fight against privatization and for fully funded schools. Patricia Castellanos is a founding member of Reclaim Our Schools LA, the parent-community coalition that was with us during our strike, walking the picket lines and protesting outside privatizers' homes. She is a former deputy director for L.A. Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) and led campaigns with unions and the community for better working conditions for employees and stronger neighborhoods for families. 

Reclaim the School Board 2020

Jackie Goldberg

​Jackie Goldberg Portrait border

Longtime teacher and legislator committed to championing public education and holding the charter industry accountable.


Patricia Castellanos

Patricia Castellanos Portrait

LAUSD parent and founding member of Reclaim Our Schools LA, which helped organize communities to support our strike.


George McKenna 

McKenna Portrait

An advocate for underserved students and increased funding for schools and special education.


Scott Schmerelson

Schmerelson Portrait

Longtime LAUSD educator who knows how important it is to invest in school staff and protect the board from undue corporate charter industry influence.


We need allies to build on our contract wins and:
  • Send more resources to our schools to lower class size and hire more nurses, librarians, psychologists, and social workers.
  • Protect public education from privatization and policies that would rate schools as failing and hand them over to charters.
  • Safeguard our healthcare (up for negotiation in 2020 and subject to school board approval).


LAUSD School Board Election March 3 - Mail ballots drop February 3


Board of Ed political Disclaimer

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Paid for by Students, Parents and Educators in Support of Castellanos, Goldberg, McKenna, and Schmerelson for School Board 2020, Sponsored by Teachers Unions, Including United Teachers Los Angeles. 3303 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Fl., Los Angeles, CA.

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